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My Story

My name is Joao and I own and run an online service-based business in Canberra called Jwow Designs. I am originally from Portugal and I have been living in Australia with my family for 7 years. Our adventure to Australia was a bit of a dice roll; we were very lucky in our pursuit of a better life in the country down under. When we arrived we were only allowed to stay for 3 months. It wasn’t easy for my parents. Only after the 3rd time of an intense, gut-wrenching search they were able to shelter us under the umbrella of a sponsor to allow us to stay here for longer. During this period, life taught me the value of hard work, persistence and that in life any opportunity that presents itself, grabbing it with all your strength is what one must do to succeed in life. I had just turned 14 back then; I have valued these teachings ever since.


My skills as a graphic designer have won me competitions and jobs around Canberra which I am very proud of. Seeing my work on walls, pages, and screens plus the reactions from people is a feeling that I am hooked on.


That is why JwowDesigns wants to provide a service that helps the customer find,  explore and create ideas that will help their business in a variety of content to help their business succeed. I am not afraid of different mediums of content and I want to provide as much of it as possible for upcoming or already existing brands to prevail in the 21st century. Merchandise and collateral design, film or photography, illustration, animation are some of the areas that I am passionate about and want to work more on. 


My family sacrificed a lot to come here and left their job and life behind to see me and my brother succeed. If someone can do that for me, I can do that for someone else too. If your business finds what it was looking for after my work is done, I have succeeded in knowing that the work my parents have worked so hard for was not thrown away.


If you or someone you know are looking for a young creative to create a brand or help to promote a product in a variety of content, Jwow designs may be of help to you!

Get in touch.

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